I help businesses and entrepreneurs realise their vision, develop new products and build systems for growth.

This is how I work:


Find business ideas and strategies aligned with your vision to make it happen.


Build an MVP along with a small prospect database to achieve product-market fit.


Making your offer unique and relevant and building a system for automated sales.


Creating business ideas and finding the right name, strategy, etc. is a creative but deterministic task. There are only a few approaches that will work!.I can help you find one of them by:- Formulating your vision to make it appealing.
- Analysing potential markets to target.
- Creating a realistic business plan.
Next step: Design and test the product with a selected group of potential customers.


Ideas have value, but it is the product that makes the difference.Creating and validating a product requires:- Attract early adopters and innovators with a basic marketing campaign.
- Create a first version of your offering (MVP, Minimum Viable Product).
- Getting to something people are willing to pay for with agile iteration.
Now we are ready to move to the next stage of selling.


I'm an industrial engineer with over 25 years of experience working in large corporations and start-ups as a consultant or entrepreneur.I have a diverse background in product management, software development and digital marketing. I also have a deep passion for maths, physics and philosophy.I'm currently working on a platform that integrates programmatic advertising with OpenAI's GPT models to increase customer acquisition rates.

“All models are wrong, but some are useful”
- George E. P. Box.


I help your business with newsbots and sales assistants, trained with the information that matters.There is a lot of hype and promise around AI. My focus is on delivering tangible, measurable results around improving sales and efficiency.- Identify key areas in your business where generative AI can make a difference.
- Deploy newsbots or sales assistants trained with real-time information.
Generative AI will revolutionise the way businesses operate, as long as we start finding real and valuable applications for it!.


Make your offer unique and relevant, and build an automated system for selling.Business automation, growth hacking, lead generation, etc. are just words.This is what I do, in 3 steps:1. Identify what makes your offering different and relevant.
2. Design a system to reach your prospects and generate sales.
3. Implement the technology to scale the system.
Are you ready to unlock and scale new sales channels for your business? Let's make it happen!.


Aligning purpose with business goals for meaningful work and inevitable growthI guide leaders and entrepreneurs with informed feedback and innovative perspectives to move forward with clarity and purpose.Work should not be a means to an end, but a fulfilling and meaningful journey in itself.Regardless of complexity, uncertainty or fear, let's unlock the potential of your ideas and strategies to make a real difference!.